Error CodeAction
404Press the red button and then slide the red slider to 4
:-)Set the Dial to 1
>:(Flip the left switch, then the right switch
3-DSet the green slider to 3
911Press the blue button and then the red button
711Set the blue slider to 5
411Set the green slider to 4
HOC Set the purple slider to 5
FOOSet the red slider to 10
BASSet the green slider to 5

The Machine

Error CodeAction
TBASet the red slider to 2
EBASet the green slider to 2
KEYset the purple slider to 4
POPFlip the right-side switch, then the left-side switch
TRTPress the purple button when the purple light is on
OJPress the yellow button after pressing the red button
PZAPress the red button after pressing the yellow button
SUBSet the dial to 4
WOAPress the green button
QEDPress the red button when the red indicator light is lit

Global Game Jam 2015
Theme: What do we do now?
Game: The Machine
Team: Super Double Team
Sabrina Culyba
Rachel Dorrett
Mathieu Guillame Bert
Bear Hildebrand
Michal Ksiazkiewicz
Heather Mallak
Shawn Patton
Giselle Jhunjhnuwala